Pick Of The Week

Thank’s so much for visiting my spot!!! This page is dedicated to the “superstars” of my food adventures. You may find a particular food here, or it may just be a whole dish with a recipe. Check back regularly to see what’s featured especially while I’m on my Keto journey!!!

This Weeks Pick:

Sausage Balls (courtesy of Southern Kissed)



Now when I made my batch I did a few things different such as:

  • Omitted the dried minced onion
  • Reduced the amount of almond flour used from 1 cup to 3/4 cup
  • The cooking time for our batch was about 26 minutes

Ours still turned out uber delicious!! This will certainly be a staple in our keto collection!! The nutrition facts below are based on eating about 4 sausage balls per serving (I had 8 that day, don’t judge me!!)


Updated 10/03/18